Barbara Stein: Adventures in Space

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Beautiful books that allow to understand simple and in a illustrated way the mysteries of the universe. I recommend these books to all lovers of the earth and science.
Barbara Stein has a real talent for story telling and an analytic mind which enables her to explain complicated happenings in a simplified way.
Certainly one of the most beautiful books about the universe.
Nicolas Sappey

Adventures in Space 1    The story of a cloud    17,90 €
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  Adventures in Space Volume 1: The story of a cloud
1. Full of fantasy
A picture book for children. A fantasy cloud which speaks and feels like we do, and experiences breathtaking adventures in the sky. The water cycle is cleverly packed into a story. Witty!
2. Just devine!
A very unusual children`s book. Successful introduction into the matter “water”. Its transforming ability is shown to the full. Then even an alien appears from the unending space of the universe! A good introduction to the following volumes .
3. Worth reading
An easy-to-understand story of clouds, which is not only interesting for children but serves as preparation for the following volumes.

Adventures in Space 2    Heading for the Sun    18,90 €
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  Adventures in Space Volume 2: Heading for the Sun
1. Exciting
First experiences of space travel. Distance and speed have to be taken into account and learned when journeying from the earth to the sun. A fascinating adventure and a good introduction to better understand the following volumes. An encounter with flitting ghostly particles from the sun - so-called neutrinos - is especially well done. A foretaste of the nanoworld.
2. To be recommended
This adventure story has to be read first in order to understand the following volumes. A must! .
3. Informative and incredible
Animals which act like human beings have been substituted for people in this adventure in space. Fantasy knows no bounds!

Adventures in Space 3    In the land of the comets 18,90 €
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  Adventures in Space Band 3: In the land of the comets Steinläuse Lorilo, Lorila und Lorili
1. Amusing and unique
Here we have an insight into a world which humans cannot see. It is a world larger than a nanoworld but smaller than a millimetre. The Muffi family are cute!
2. Surprising
Too often one forgets that we share our living space with living organisms such as mites and bacteria. The author has succeeded in making this world visible to us by having these tiny living organisms race through the solar system on a comet! .
3. Simply beautiful
Glorious pictures of our solar system. A useful book for anyone interested in our planets.

Adventures in Space 4    Black Holes   17,50 €
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  Adventures in Space Band 4: Black Holes
1. A gripping astronomical illustrated book
Latest scientific discoveries in astronomy and physics are imparted in the form of a picture book in simplified language. With the help of the unlimited knowledge of the aliens, the five adventurers are able to experience fantastic undertakings. New fields of knowledge are explained in a simple way to big and small.
2. A novelty
The latest astronomical knowledge about supernovae, quasars, black holes and dying stars which is usually difficult to understand, is explained in fantastic illustrations with the aid of short and amusing texts. I have never read such an unique book! .
3. Amazing, congratulations
Owing to the latest astrological discoveries, my enthusiasm for the sciences has been awakened thanks to the author. Bravo! The last three volumes simply have to be read!

Adventures in Space 5    The Nanoworld   15,90 €
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  Adventures in Space Band 5: The Nanoworld
1. Rather cool!
At the beginning one has to make an effort to read on but then enthusiasm kicks in. It is not difficult to understand dry scientific material when it is put together in the form of an exciting adventure.
2. Unusual!
I enjoyed reading about the flighty cats and being introduced to the world of dwarfs or nanoworld. Comparison of the microcosm to the macrocosm is unique in its explanation. One begins to reflect, no longer sure of what we thought we knew. Definitely to be recommended to people with a thirst for knowledge. .
3. Quite exhausting!
Understanding the nanoworld was not easy. The planet of cats with the flighty cats (Darwin`s theory) was more amusing. Must be read!

Adventures in Space 6    Distant Worlds   17,50 €
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  Adventures in Space Band 6: Distant Worlds
1. Very successful
Amazingly simple – in the form of an exciting adventure story, which explains complicated happenings such as curved space, creation and passing of universe etc. Interesting for broad-minded young persons but also for adults. Recommendation: Should be read together!
2. Profound, rousing!
Here established scientific knowledge is laid down as a base in answering general philosophical questions. It is an attempt to find answers to questions which have tormented mankind from time immemorial, e.g. Why do we exist? Where do we come from? What kind of world do we live in? What do we see? It is up to the persons reading this story to accept the solutions given here or not. .
3. Fascinating, dramatic!
This moving adventure into space cannot fail to delight and stimulate one`s thoughts. It is as informative as it is exciting.

Adventures in Space Anthology    anthology   89,00 €
Kindle Edition 5,99 €
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  Adventures in Space Anthology

Barbara Stein  

The author‘s request

Due to her professional activities the author knows that school children can be particularly motivated towards becoming interested in and providing innovative thoughts on areas of learning which reach the limits of our understanding of the world: all you have to do in a humorous and easily comprehensible manner.
In purposely childlike and naive stories always told in an exciting way, many new scientifically proven discoveries are presented as
amusing children's reference books without them being recognized or regarded as such. In this manner young readers will playfully be inspired by a world, which thanks to scientific progress, has become more recognizable for us in many ways.
Opening new doors is necessary and knowledge of the relationships, especially in the field of science, is becoming increasingly more complexe and demanding. Consequently, you cannot begin early enough to allow children a glimps into these worlds.